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Kirsty is an experienced singer, writer, performer and recording artist, who brings her unique voice and energy-packed stage performances to rock, pop and more!

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If you need a live perfomance with a band, real rock vocals for a recording or your show - or just some help with your songwriting, check out what I can do for you below!

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Original perfomances with my band Diesel Romantik of quirky retro pop-rock with a 70s/80s flavour. A mixed bag of what comes out of my songwriting brain, performed with my excellent band mates. Check out Diesel Romantik here.


Old school metal covers with Double Action - with an emphasis on Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Gotthard, Judas Priest and more, performed by top rockers and sung by me and the amazingly talented Jean-Michael Brinksmeier. Find out more here.

Dep Work, Performance and Recording

Need a live singer in a hurry? I can learn your set at lightning speed, so you never have to cancel a gig again. Or let me handle the vocals for your studio recordings, and make your songs come to life.


Need help with structuring your songs, or with lyrics? I can help - I am a native English speaker with a knack for words that can help you polish your gems til they shine.

Music Projects


Read about my musical projects and education, past and present.


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Minions No More

A few tracks from the "Fighting the Wrongness" album

Album available from these stores


From Sabbath to Hell - EP

Recorded at SoundCentral Studios


From Sabbath to Hell - Live at Baseline

Recorded live at one of our gigs in The Baseline, Dudley.


Waking Beauty

Fan videos of Waking Beauty originals.

Photo Slideshow with Live covers from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon.



Video highlights of an early gig!



A mixed bag of my original songs - enjoy!



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The Beagles: 2008 - 2010

Live covers with an emphasis on Beatles, Eagles and the “California” sounds of the 60s. Vocals and backing vocals.

The Greedies: 2008 -2012

Live covers - classic rock, 80/90s, indie, pop punk. Vocals and guitar.

Starthieves: 2009-2011

Studio project - originals - retro rock, atmospheric and 80s style keyboard based tracks. Songwriting and vocals.

From Sabbath to Hell: 2011 - 2013

Live and in the studio with Europe’s only female-fronted Black Sabbath Tribute band, including The Mathew Street festival, the UK’s largest free festival.

Minions No More: 2011 - 2013

Studio project, eclectic retro pop-rock, some with a message. Writing, composing, production, vocals, guitars, mixing, mastering, video production.

Album - "Fighting the Wrongness" available from these stores

Blackspires: 2012 -2015

Live covers - classic and 80s / 90s rock. Vocals and guitar.

Beyond Reason: 2012 -2015

Live covers - classic 80s metal. Vocals and guitar.

Waking Beauty / Sleeping Beauty: 2015 - 2017

Berlin-based live covers, then originals band, Classic 80s metal (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon), then originals as Waking Beauty. Vocals, songwriting.

Retrobate: 2015 - 2016

Live band playing mostly retro-rock originals. Songwriting, guitar, vocals.

Diesel Romantik: 2018 -

Live and studio retro-rock / pop / 80s style originals. Songwriting, guitar, vocals.

Double Action: 2018 -

Live 80s metal band, concentrating on Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Gotthard, Judas Priest. Vocals and backing vocals.


Point Blank, London: 2011

Production and mixing with Ableton.

Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen : 2001 - 2013

  • 1 year Singer course.
  • 1 year Advanced Singer and Songwriter course.
  • 3-Year Singer teacher education (FIRST YEAR ONLY).